About Us


Welcome to Crystal…

On February 28th 1953, the four walls of Eagle pub in Cambridge resonated with the words, “we have found the secret of life”. These were the words of James Watson and Francis Crick who happened to discover the blueprint of life which the biotech epoch religiously whispers ‘DNA’. Inspired by this exciting scientific discovery, many scientists embarked upon the journey to unravel the mystery of this double-helix. Crystal, a partnership venture spun out of two brilliant scientists, D. Bharaj and E. Varkey, joining the mission on 12th Dec 2012 aiming at creating a revolution in the field of Education, IT and Consulting. Crystal’s vision is to impart awareness and empower the aspiring minds of the future.

The Directors humbly boast of scientific research publications in IPNC Canada (2010) and IPNC Germany (2012) which led to the birth of Crystal. The advisory members include Research Fellows, Research Assistants and Associate Professors at University of Cambridge, Kingston University London and St. George’s University of London, UK. The Business Gurus include PhD researchers from London School of Economics.

Our Mission

We thrive to inspire all students and clients by understanding their potential and encouraging them to achieve their personal best.

Our Vision

Crystal’s aim is to become an internationally recognised personalized services providing company, expanding global relationships to research and cultural collaborations.

Our Values

At Crystal we proudly believe, together we can RISE

Respect: We believe it is very important that we respect each other as an individual and as a business. We thrive hard to maintain the standard that is exhibited by us and felt by everyone, before, now and onwards. We adhere to strong commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

Integrity: We believe that it is of high significance for us to demonstrate that we behave to the cream level of professionalism to maintain the best of our reputation and integrity of who we are.

Strength from cultural diversity: Crystal envisages in supporting people regardless of age, ability or background in visualizing their goals. We believe that working with people of different backgrounds, cultures and thinking styles helps our people grow into better professionals and leaders.

Enterprise: We believe that our culture of border less symbiosis is a competitive advantage for us, and we go to great measures to nurture it and preserve it. We go to extraordinary measures to support people and that is why we support innovation, creativity and enterprise.

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